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Asa Andrew - Live Your Potential

"The health and success of any company is dependent on the health and success of its people." - Asa

As CEO of 5 companies, Asa is the #1 requested inspirational speaker, an international best-selling author, Top 50 radio host of the largest daily syndicated health talk show, regular host of his own daily TV show, several reality TV show projects on the Discovery Channel, and teaching physician. For years as Asa has taught millions around the globe how to handle their lifestyle and ultimately live their potential – from a better mindset, better daily habits, losing weight, to reversing chronic illness, and avoiding today’s most common health challenges. Our bodies are like any organization or company. In an extraordinary company or organization, building wealth is more than just about turning a profit. It’s about the people and the ROI of producing a great product or service. Similarly extraordinary health is more than just eating right and exercising. It’s about mindset. Asa has an array of speech topics that can cater to your organization or company's needs with immediate results to your bottom line.

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"The word doctor literally means teacher. If I don’t teach you something, I haven’t done my job". – Asa

Spend the day with Asa and learn how he is teaching people from all levels of companies and organizations to overcome most health challenges by yielding amazing results in their daily “life performance.” Asa is real, relevant, and transparent. He makes the most complex health information basic and easy to understand allowing your health to become the determining factor in your personal and professional success. Asa will encourage, educate, and inspire your people with cutting-edge information combined with real-life a victories he has experienced throughout the years.

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