Remote Services

Movability and living a healthy lifestyle have never been more important. Potential Rx Body Coaches are available online for workouts that can help you do what you love, better and for longer.  We now offer Remote Performance, Nutrition, & Recovery Workouts for everyone.


  • FIRST TIME VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY WORKOUT:60 min | $25 (Regularly $75) | This one-on-one remote session provides new clients with a comprehensive introduction to the Potential Rx method and our approach to health & wellness. You’re Potential Rx Body Coach will conduct a Potential Rx-specific movement profile, introduce the concept of self-movability, and guide you through an exercise program inspired by Asa’s functional nutrition, strength, & conditioning routine — while also discussing the Potential Rx approach to hydration, nutrition, and cognitive fitness
  • VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY WORKOUT: 30 min | $50 | These one-on-one, personalized follow-up sessions will expand upon the experience from your first time Potential Rx session, or from your experience at the Potential Rx Performance & Recovery Center. Sessions will include exercises inspired by Asa’s functional strength & conditioning routine, and also incorporate recommendations for achieving optimal hydration, nutrition, and cognitive fitness.

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